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'tis the season to eat chocolate....tra-la-la-la-lah...la-la-la-lah!

Oh my gawd! I am on chocolate overload! Not only did this month's chocolate box selection come from Hotel Chocolat's Chocolate Tasting Club (which has already been devoured...by the both of us...not just me, this time!) but my own personal treat for Yule arrived a few days ago...a pack of 4 125g mini slabs of pure cocoa...one each of: MILK ROCKY ROAD (Chocolate chip ookie, puffed rice and milk chocolate); VENEZUELA 43% (A high cocoa recipe with criollo and trinitario beans giving flavour notes of vanilla and caramel); STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM (White chocolate with swirls of strawberry flavouring and pieces of freeze-dried strawberries); and the last one i cannot recall the name of but it was a slab of milk chocolate with brazil nuts embedded.
I only have the first 2 slabs left. I am trying to hang on another day or 2!! We also have a Yule log from Hotel Chocolat consisting of a 200g chocolate log about 8 inches long and and inch and a half diameter of 70% dark chocolate with a meltingly soft praline centre, studded with Piedmont hazelnuts and Sicillian pistachios. That's for our Yule feast dessert! That, and a glass (or 4) of chilled Mint -flavoured Baileys Irish cream.
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