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Creme Egg Omelette

After the exciting (?) Easter Egg Taste Test we posted a while ago, our next chocolate adventure was a Creme Egg Omelette :).

(Bizarrely, the entry got linked by b3ta.com, and we had thousands of visitors, many of whom complained more at the state of our lounge than the lack of chocolate frying skills. Ah well.)

Excerpt and link below, if you're interested. Please comment on the site rather than here, thank you :).

After the rocktacular victory of Lordi at this year’s Eurovision, we felt some celebrations were in order. When running through the streets became unfeasible, apparently some kids had already run down the whole length of the road knocking all the bins over, and with drunken students being all too scapegoatable we needed to come up with some other suitably Metal gesture.

So we made an omelette.

You’re probably thinking that omelettes are one of the least Metal foodstuffs in existence. But this was no ordinary omelette. Spawned from the brains of the confectionary geniuses responsible for making "Smarties Cereal" and "Bill Bailey’s Giant Kit-Kat" a reality, this was to be a rather special "Creme Egg Omelette".


(Also, for people who commented on the previous post, is it ok if we stick your comments up on the site? If not, please say)
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