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Easter Egg Taste Test

A couple of weeks ago, just in time for Easter, a couple of friends and I purchased 8 easter eggs for a taste test. Now, a week after Easter, we finally wrote it up on our blog :). Excerpt and link below, if you're interested.

Easter. That time of year when small children (and, apparently, computer science students) wander the aisles of the nearest superstore, gazing in awe at the carefully packaged chocolate eggs of joy.

Foremost in their mind, one would imagine, is Bede’s goddess Eostre, the etymology of Jakob Grimm’s Eostremonat, the symbolism of eggs as fertility symbols, of new life, and of Mary Magdalene’s exclamation “Christ is risen!”.

The second thought that comes to mind is which of these commercial over-priced packages of pagan symbolism is the tastiest. We are here to guide you through this controversial minefield, taking it upon ourselves to sample the various offerings and report back our findings, ending this minutes-old argument once and for all.


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