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Chocolate, cherry, vanilla & musk perfume oil!

Hurrah for this community of fellow chocolate lovers! Hi, I'm Suzy (better known as princesssulky).

I am quite obsessed by chocolate, to the extent that I have have actually created a chocolate based perfume oil as part of the range of fragrances I am launching! It's called 'Strumpet' and smells intensely chocolatey & very realistic - I think it's my absolute favourite so far (probably because I do adore chocolate so much - I keep sniffing myself wearing it & have had a few strange looks in the street!)

My favourite chocolate is currently Godiva chocolate cherries, followed by Green & Black's milk chocolate for more everyday nibbling. ;)

Anyway, I do hope you don't mind me posting this ad here - if you do, please delete it & accept my apologies. I just thought it might be of interest, due to the chocolate-smelling base of Strumpet. :)

journal ad strumdoll

Beyond the Pale is a brand new perfumery based in London, UK (though we sell worldwide).

Using historic recipes and pure essential oils whenever possible, all our fragrances at Beyond the Pale are hand-blended to perfection, poured into amber glass bottles and wrapped in sumptuous boxes lined with silk. We believe that perfumes should be as individual as you are; as intriguing and bewitching as the historical ages they were inspired by.

Designed for Ladies & Gentlemen of discernment & distinction (though disreputable characters are always welcomed with open arms), we strive never to be nondescript - always beyond the pale, for your pleasure and delectation.

All our fragrance names are based on Victorian Thieves' Slang, or general 19th.C slang phrases...

Prior to officially launching our website we are offering some of the fragrances exclusively on our selling journal: beyondpale.

Payment is via PayPal & concealed cash for all customers, or by cheque/postal order for UK customers without a PayPal account & who prefer not to send cash through the post.

Payment instructions are at the bottom of the page, under the cut; please follow them carefully to avoid making mistakes. :-)

Yesterday saw the release of STRUMPET & DOLLYMOP (see picture above).

Today we are releasing two of the Gentlemens' fragrances (though they may easily be worn by ladies who prefer the darker, muskier & less traditionally 'feminine' perfumes!) - The first we wish to bring to your attention is: LONDON PARTICULAR - the description of the name's meaning (which is from a Victorian London slang term) can be read here if you are interested. :)

journal ad london

The second is: LUSHING KEN - read the description of that slang phrase here.

journal ad lushing ken

Numbers for these fragrance launches are strictly limited, so no dilly-dally or shilly-shallying - first come, first served! We shall post ahead of time if it looks like we're going to sell out, so that nobody pays without knowing for certain they will get their perfume sent to them post-haste.

We use Royal Mail 1st Class postage (within UK) & Royal Mail Airmail (International orders). We aim to dispatch products within 24 hours of payment.

Special Reduced Prices!
Two perfumes purchased together (either two Strumpet, two Dollymop, or one of each) are available at the reduced price of £17.99.

About the Packaging:
All perfumes come sumptuously nestled in darkest 'Hunter Green' coloured sturdy gift boxes, tied with gold ribbon & lined with pure silky white material & padded to protect them on their journey to you. These boxes can be used as delightful trinket/jewellery holders once you have removed your precious oils. If you order two perfumes, they will both be presented in the same box (as each box snuggles two bottles perfectly). If you order three - four bottles, you will get *another* gift box, five - six bottles in three boxes, and so on. Hurrah!

Please be aware if you are purchasing two bottles but mean to give one of those to a friend, you must fight it out between you as to who gets to keep the beautiful box. We cannot offer a separate box for every single bottle as this would considerably raise our costs & mean we had to pass them on to our customers - something we very much wish to avoid!

Ordering Instructions:

Send payment to: - please make sure postage costs are correctly calculated & write which item(s) you are buying (and how many of each) in the "note to seller" box on the PayPal payment page. For example, you would write one of the following:

1 x London Particular: £9.99 + £1.50 UK p&p (or £3.00 International Postage)
2 London Particular: £17.99 + £2.00 UK p&p (or £3.50 International Postage)
1 x Lushing Ken: £9.99 + £1.50 UK p&p (or £3.00 International Postage)
2 Bottles Lushing Ken: £17.99 + £2.00 UK p&p (or £3.50 International Postage)
1 London Particular & 1 Lushing Ken: £17.99 + £2.00 UK p&p (or £3.50 International Postage)

(Same for Dollymop and/or Strumpet - you get the idea...)

Thank you!

Concealed Cash, Cheques or Postal Orders:
If you don't have a PayPal account, you are still more than welcome to purchase. Send us an email to sales@beyondpale - stating the products you wish to buy & the country you live in, and we will reply with the address to post your payment to and/or who to make cheques payable to. Please be aware that we ONLY accept cheques & postal orders from UK customers. If you are an international customer sending carefully concealed cash, please also be aware that it must be rounded up to the nearest £ - we do not accept envelopes full of loose change! ;-) All cash will only be accepted in UK Pound Sterling currency.

Next week we shall be releasing BEDLAM BOUQUET & HAYMARKET HECTOR - keep your eyes peeled...
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